Day 37 – #50DaysMotivation



Yesterdays mantra was “I am Confident”. With confidence though has to come a certain level of modesty. No one wants to be around someone who constantly is boasting and has developed a major ego. We’ve all been around a person like that and usually can’t wait to get out of their company! So after you have worked on the confidence mantra, it’s time to say to yourself:

“I am Grounded”

I am grounded

When we begin to feel successes on our way towards our goal, it can be easy to get caught up in them and become complacent. By repeating to yourself that you are grounded, you are signalling to your brain that no matter how successful you are becoming you can see it is coming from your hard work and commitment.

By staying grounded you are not getting too caught up with the mental chatter in your mind. Instead you can see the goal and the work that needs to be done to get to it.

Being grounded also means that you are focused on the now – and that’s where all living takes place! It means that you are not taken up too much with questions like “what if” and “how dare they do that to me”, because these type of questions cause anxiety which is the deterrent to progress. So work on this mantra when you experience feelings of anxiety.

Day 36 – #50DaysMotivation



Self confidence – or lack of – is something everyone deals with. Some people may be able to portray themselves as oozing with it, but I guarantee they have to work on it. In order to achieve a goal you need to have a certain level of self-confidence. Why? Because you are the one that needs to work to make the goal happen and if you don’t believe in yourself – that goal isn’t going to happen.

If you are someone who needs to work on your self confidence (and who doesn’t??) I want you to look into the mirror today and say “I am confident” over and over for one minute. You will probably feel silly the first few times you do it, but know that you are working on your unconscious thoughts and slowly beginning to weaken the thoughts that say that you are shy or timid.

I am confident

You need to weaken this thought pattens because they are what has you thinking the way you do now. You are not confident because your mind told you so. Now you are fighting back with a brand new thought system that will take time to develop but you will get there if you persist. It can feel uncomfortable when you begin but it will slowly start to seep into your unconscious and begin to get easier.

Stick with and you will see results! Slowly you will see that in small situations you bring an air of confidence that you didn’t think you had before.

Day 35 – #50DaysMotivation



Welcome to the first of seven days that will help you develop a mantra that you can use though out your daily life that can help foster a greater understanding of yourself.

The best way to begin to develop a mantra is to write it down and put it somewhere you will see if often. Maybe on the lock-screen on your phone, or your bathroom mirror. Maybe on a post-it note on your work computer screen. Somewhere you will see it multiple times a day.

Todays mantra is “What is your why?”

What is your why?

This is a deep question to ask yourself, and probably not one you are going to be able to answer straight away. I want you to use this mantra as a way to question why you do what you do every day. If you feel that your life is lacking purpose this is an important question to ask yourself regularly. It’s only by querying yourself often that you will be able to attempt to answer this.

“What is your why” is an important mantra when you striving to achieve a goal. It’s important to know if the goal you are working towards is the right goal for you. Maybe as you delve deeper into this question, you will realise that maybe there is something else that is more important to work on, or maybe that you need a bigger goal. If after working on this mantra for a while you can’t come up with a “why” than maybe it’s time to change goals.

And if you do come up with answers – try to delve even deeper in them. Every answer we give leads to another question and sometimes we are afraid to go down that rabbit hole as we don’t know where it will take us. But you owe it to yourself to explore. If you don’t understand your mind – how can you work on it to get it to bring you where you want to go?

Day 32 – #50DaysMotivation



We have all been guilty of making a promise to someone , or maybe even to ourselves and then not following through.

We can usually come up with a list of reasons why we couldn’t make good on our promise. But at the end of the day that list is worthless. You gave your word that you were going to do something and then you went back on it.

My mantra when dealing with other people is to “under promise but over deliver”. When you can go above and beyond for other people they will truly appreciate it and will remember you. But if you promise the earth, moon and starts and come up short they are going to have a completely different view of you. When you under-promise you have that leeway that if something else comes up in your life that you don’t have to let that person down. By under-promising you should still be able to meet your commitment.

Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you

When promising myself things, it can become a little more difficult. It’s so easy to blow ourselves off. If we break a promise to ourselves, it doesn’t usually affect other people. So it goes unnoticed.

But your consciousness notices it. It hears that you don’t really value yourself to not follow through with a commitment. That you are not important enough. Make it a goal that you are going to follow through with personal commitments. Because if you continually send the message to yourself that you are not important, soon you’ll find that can’t you find the motivation to change your life and habits because your brain will send you signals “well you tried before and failed – you’re a failure”. The more commitments that you end up not completing for yourself the stronger this signal will be.

So from now on when you make a commitment either to yourself or someone else – be true to your word! It could have a greater impact than you realise.

Day 29 – #50DaysMotivation



Today is day 4 of our strategies to stop procrastination. Hopefully you have started using some of the strategies to help you make progress towards your goal. Today we are going to talk about the strategy that will help you stay consistent.

Many times we start a new habit and we manage to keep doing it for a few days, however we soon start to slack and silently but definitively falls off the radar and we go back to bad habits.

Most of our problems are because we act without thinking or we keep thinking without acting

In order to beat procrastination and stay consistent you need to write down your to-do list for the day, your daily goals and deadlines. The very act of writing it down will signal to your brain that you want to get shit done today! It will also serve as a reminder throughout the day about where you need to be and what to focus your energy on. Most to-do list apps can send you notifications during the day so you have no excuse for not hitting targets.

When a notification pops up, don’t ignore it. Even if you just spend 2 minutes starting the task, you are 2 minutes more advanced than you were at the start of the day. I know it can be easy to say that you don’t have to write everything down and that you can remember it, but you simply can’t. Your brain has millions of things to process every day, so give it a break and just write down your to-do list in the morning or before you go to bed.

Having intention is the best way to start your day and the only way you will follow through with your goals.!

Day 28 – #50DaysMotivation



Today we are going to talk about the 7 minute rule. If procrastination is a major vice for you – this might just be the strategy to help you overcome it!

From now on, next time you feel you are procrastinating from something I want you to just start and do 7 minutes of the thing – whatever it is.

So if you are putting off working out, I want you to just work out for 7 minutes.

The best way to get things done is to simply begin

If you are procrastinating from working on your next blog post, or writing your paper for college, just start writing for 7 minutes.

Set a timer beside you so your brain can see exactly how much time you have left in the task. And give yourself full permission to stop after 7 minutes. The only thing you must remember is that you give the task in front of you your full attention for those 7 minutes. So don’t start the timer and then spend 3 minutes filling your water bottle or putting on your laptop and checking your email. When you start the timer you must be ready to start the task.

The best thing about the 7 minute rule is that nine times out of ten, you’ll find that when the timer goes off you will keep working on the task. Why? Because just starting a task is often the hardest part. Once you begin, you’ll often find that what you thought was this big intimidating task actually isn’t that bad. Or else the 7 minutes have started momentum and it’s easier to continue on while your brain is now focused on the task.

What I love about the 7 minute rule is that it doesn’t matter how much you get done in the 7 minutes, it’s helping foster a better habit of just getting things started rather than putting them off. If you embrace this strategy you’ll soon see that you are quickly making more progress towards your goals every day.

Day 26 – #50DaysMotivation



Sometimes when we think about our grandest goals, we can feel overwhelmed and anxious just at the thought of everything that goes into it, or the thought that we could fail.

It can lead us to procrastinate and not follow through.

For the next 5 days I’m going to give you 5 strategies for avoiding procrastination!

So the first strategy for dealing with procrastination is to break down your goals into absolutely tiny tasks. Maybe you have a goal of losing 100 pounds or writing a book. Those goals may seem incredibly difficult, even off putting. The only way you are going to make progress towards your goal is to break it down into tasks so small and easy that you think “hey, this is so easy I might as well do it now”.

Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action

When you pick your goal, I want you to do a massive brain dump of all the things you have to do for that goal. Everything you can think of should go on that list. And if a task you write down will take more than 30 minutes, break it down further. Ideally if you can fill your day with multiple 5-10 mins tasks, you are far more likely to get that stuff done and progress towards your goal.

If you can’t manage to make time to get to the gym, three 10-minute mini workouts throughout the day may be more attainable.

If you break down your goals into 5 minute tasks, any time you are waiting for a bus or train, or having a quick cup of coffee – you could be working towards your goal. Every day life is filled with these few minutes of what I call “dead-time”, where you usually just scroll through Facebook etc. Well make a commitment that you’ll use this “dead-time” for completing little tasks of your goal. The more progress you make towards your goal the more confident you’ll feel that you are going to accomplish it!

Day 25 – #50DaysMotivation




As we come to the halfway point of the challenge, it can be tempting to quit if you haven’t made the progress towards your goal that you had hoped.

Today we are going to concentrate on the feelings you’d have if you didn’t continue on the path to reach your goal.

Pain is nothing compared to what it feels like to quit.

When you made a goal for yourself – there was obviously something in your life that you wanted to change. It may have been your health, appearance, becoming calmer or more organised. It may have been to set up a business or to become more social. Whatever it was, it was gnawing at you for long enough that you decided that you had to take action.

If you are beginning to lose the intensity that you once had for your goal I want you to sit down and imagine what your life will be like when you get to your goal. As you imagine I want you to either video you talking about it or write it down somewhere. Fill it with as much detail as you can. Talk about everything that has changed, how your typical day goes, what emotions you are experiencing – everything.

You don’t need to share this exercise with anyone but keep it somewhere that you can refer to it over the next few days when interest in your goal wanes.  So it’s halfway through the challenge! If you have begun to lose motivation – recommit to your goal today!

Day 24 – #50DaysMotivation



I’m a believer of faking it til you make it! Why? Because it’s worked for me.

When I was younger and took part in competitive debating, I would get really nervous. Just thinking about delivering my remarks and taking questions from the floor used to give me major butterflies. However if anyone asked me how I felt, I would always say “I love debating, I can’t wait to take the podium”. This confidence helped me feel ready when debate day game. And it also gave confidence to my team that I was ready and that I had their backs. Even though inside my stomach was doing flips!

Act the way that you want to feel

Sometimes you just have to act the way you want to feel and eventually you will actually feel that way. Today I want you to look inside yourself and see what aspects of you, you would like to change. When you wake up in the morning, what’s the first emotion you want to experience? Make a list of the feelings that would best describe how you would like to feel daily – happier, calmer, confident – and pick the one that you feel is the most important.

In a couple of days time we’ll work on mantras for you to say throughout the day that will help you embrace this new mindset.

Day 23 – #50DaysMotivation



When working on your goal, you need to be a little selfish every so often. Why? Because there is only so many hours in the day and so many days in the month. It’s natural for you to try and be a people pleaser. Certainly for me it’s something I struggle with constantly as I can often put other people’s needs before mine.

When trying to make progress on your goal, if you prioritise other people’s needs – you are saying no to your goal. You are saying no – I don’t think my dreams are important.

The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes

Sometimes it’s unavoidable and you have to say yes to certain people or obligations, but today I want you to look hard at your calendar. See what things are coming up that you said yes to, but now feel you can better spend your time concentrating on working towards your goal. Or if there are people that you constantly putting before your goals and they do not fully appreciate the time you are giving them – maybe you need to have an honest chat to them. Explain that you are hustling towards your goal and have less time for certain things.

This can be a difficult conversation but if you are serious about making progress, you are only wasting your time prioritising other peoples. So from now on when people ask you for favours or send invites don’t automatically say yes! Think about it and see does it fit into YOUR priorities. If it doesn’t, say no. People may take it badly when they see you asserting your will but if you can stand by your decision, you’ve made the right one.