Day 49 – #50DaysMotivation



As we approach the final day of the challenge, I want to leave you with some lingering thoughts.

For so many of us when we think about our wildest goals and ambitions – we can be paralysed by fear. We can think we’re not worthy or capable of working towards our dreams.

You never lose by loving. You only lose by holding back.

If you have a passion that you love and you want to become great at it than you need to go all in with it. You’ve just spent the past 49 days working on a goal. It doesn’t have to stop now. Use that passion you have for your goal, the intensity you’ve experienced as you worked hard on it – and bring it to the next level. If you hold back, don’t push yourself to achieving that dream – at the end of the day you are the only one who loses out.

Day 27 – #50DaysMotivation



So today is the second of our strategies for stopping procrastination.Today I want you to change your environment! Different environments can have a major impact on how we go about our lives.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better

If your goal over these 50 days is to lose weight and you have been procrastinating about working out, you need to change things up. If you spend your lunch hour, sitting in the canteen just chatting to co-workers – why don’t you take 20 minutes and go for a quick walk. Getting out of the canteen will help you not be tempted by poor nutritional foods and you are getting some exercise in.

Or if your goal was to write a novel, if you mainly work while in bed, this can lead you to want to snuggle and not reach your daily word goal. Maybe you need to work at a desk or maybe even outside your house.

Your surrounds inspire you, so make sure that what is surrounding you is leading you to live your best productive life!

Day 18 – #50DaysMotivation



For a lot of people, especially in January – their goal is to move more. Whether to start exercising entirely, to start a program like couch to 5k, train for a marathon or to start lifting weights.

They start their program with all the enthusiasm in the world, but as soon as it gets a bit tough – suddenly it’s quitting time! It’s not your body that has given up. Sure it might be a bit sore and stiff. But the amazing thing about the body is that it can repair itself. Your mind however can throw in the towel at the slightest whim.

Your body can stand almost anything. It's your mind you have to convince.

For example when I started going to the gym I thought I was going all out on the elliptical. I would be hot and sweaty, breathing was laboured -all the signs of a good workout. But when I got a heart rate monitor I realised I wasn’t pushing myself anywhere near my limit. My heart rate was in the barely working out range. It was only when I pushed myself harder I realised I had a lot more potential left inside of me in every workout. Before that my mind had told me “that’s enough!” but my body was capable of much more!

So today’s challenge is to make sure that when you are doing something physical to stay healthy, make sure you are fully committing and not wasting your time. Your mind can play tricks on you. Your body won’t!

Day 15 – #50DaysMotivation



I have a lot of weight to lose. A lot! Sometimes just thinking about the full extent of the task ahead of me can overwhelm me. It can be so easy to lose patience, to just want to be at my dream health scenario right now, than a couple of years down the line.

But I have to have patience. Willing myself to weight loss isn’t going to work. Instead I have to show up everyday and do something to help towards my goal. And for me that’s what patience is. Doing something every day, even when you don’t see immediate results. Patience is not giving up when you have a bad day, week or month- instead riding out the tough times, knowing the work you do will eventually pay off.

There have been many ups and downs, twists and turns in my own weightloss story. But now I realise I need patience, proper step by step patience-to reach my goal.

Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you're waiting.

Today’s challenge is to examine your own relationship with patience. Are you always looking for the quick fix? If someone said to you, you were guaranteed to lose all the weight you needed over the course of 2 years and never regain it again. Or you would lose it all in a month but there would be a 90% chance you would regain it all? Which would you choose?

We often make this choice when we sign up for lose 10lbs in 10 days type programs. We lose weight in a drastic way and then can’t incorporate this diet into a long term way of living and we regain the weight we lost.

So embrace patience and the small steps that will take you to your goal.

Day 14 – #50DaysMotivation



So as you face into tomorrow I want you to ask yourself a simple question?

“Is what you are doing today getting you closer to your goal”

Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to go tomorrow

If it’s not, why not? Why are you doing things that aren’t helping your goal? Do you really want to succeed? Is this really the goal you want? What can you do in the next five minutes that will take you a small step towards your goal? Just give yourself five minutes and fill them completely with a task that helps towards your goal.

Everyday you should strive to get at least those five minutes and just go all out towards your goal!

Day 11 – #50DaysMotivation



Today I want to talk to you about negativity and the impact it has on your success. If you tend to be a negative person or surround yourself with negative people, it’s going to be much more difficult to reach your goal. Why? Because if you tend to see things in a negative light, at the first hurdle you encounter in pursuit of your goal, you are more likely give up on succeeding.

I’m a firm believer that if you have a great attitude, you will attract people with a similar outlook into your life. But if you moan and complain, you will likely be surrounded with people who do not bring out the best of you. Who do not challenge you to do better.

A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together

You mindset is everything when it comes to being successful. And if the people around you are not championing you to be the success you can be, you have to take a look at yourself and see if you are bringing a positive force to those around you.

Today’s challenge is to examine your outlook on life. Are you generally positive and proactive when it comes to making your goals a reality or are you more negative and passive. Finding out which of these is your default setting will help you when it comes to planning out how to reach your goal. If you are negative and you tend to let slip-ups derail your efforts in reaching your goal, you need to find strategies that overcome this. Over the next few weeks I’ll be providing you with tips and strategies that can help you deal with negative emotions and negative people around you.

So today, write down how do you generally approach achieving goals and do you follow through?

Day 5 – #50DaysMotivation




Today’s challenge is a little easier than the past few days, and a lot more fun! This weekend I want you to do something that you really enjoy.

I know when you want to achieve a goal you can put all of your focus on achieving that goal and spend time feeling guilty if you are not making progress as fast as your would like. Even though this 50 day challenge is all about getting to our goals, we also want to foster a better mindset. Having feelings of guilt, anxiety and pressure on ourselves, can lead us to procrastinate on our goals which leads to more guilt and it becomes a vicious cycle.

You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be

The best way to break that cycle is to adopt a healthier mindset. And this can be done by taking time out of our daily lives just to have some fun. Something that has nothing to do with your goal. Something that you do for the sole purpose of enjoyment.

Even if you can only squeeze in 10 minutes to do whatever it is that you love, do it! It’s better than nothing. And I can guarantee in those 10 minutes you won’t be feeling guilty about the progress you’ve made in your goal so far. Even if you spend an entire day doing the thing you love, don’t fret that you wasted time. You had a wonderful time, enjoy it and don’t tinge it with guilt afterwards.

The only time you should worry about wasting time is if you are doing something that serves no purpose and gives you no enjoyment. If mindlessly scrolling though Twitter is not making you happier and is not getting you to your goal, that’s the time you need to stop wasting!

So this weekend, do something that you love – and enjoy it!

Day 4 – #50DaysMotivation



Okay so hopefully you have planned your schedule for the past two days, including small steps towards your end goal in 46 days. Remember the most important thing during these 50 days is to consistently just plan the day ahead of you. Each small task you do is getting you to your goal, just keep trying to stay the course and push on through!

Go the extra mile, its never crowded

Today’s challenge is small but will make a big difference in getting you to your goal. I want you to push yourself a little harder today. Nothing you’re not capable of, put enough that will make a difference to your mind-set and commitment.

If you made the goal that you were going to become fitter, instead of walking for 40mins, I want you to add 4 minutes and walk for 44 mins.

If you vowed you were going to eat healthier, today when you cook dinner, make an extra portion and freeze it so you have a healthy meal on hand when you need it in the future.

If you said you were going to save more money, don’t buy that coffee on the way to work. Today save that money instead.

If you promised yourself you would read more, read for an 5 minutes today. Or read the next chapter in your book.

None of these things require major effort, but they each get you a little closer to your goal. If for the next 46 days you pushed yourself that little bit every day you would quickly see progress towards your goal!.

Day 3 – #50DaysMotivation



So today, tell me if this sounds familiar?

A couple of days before the new year, you were totally pumped up to achieve your goal. You were excited and couldn’t wait to start 2016 so you could finally achieve the goal you so desperately wanted. Maybe you bought a gym membership, or a new juicer? Maybe you cleared out your spare room so you had space to do some yoga and meditation? Maybe you threw out that last packet of cigarettes you had so you wouldn’t be tempted.

Day one – fired up ready to go!
You have your lunchboxes all full of healthy food as you head to work. Maybe you even cycle to work! You get to work, smug in the knowledge that you got this!

Day two – whoops slept in late!
Okay so you slept in late this morning and it’s raining. No time to make your lunch. You’ll grab a salad in the local deli. On the bus you realise you forgot your runners so no popping to the gym after work. You get the salad in the deli – some limp lettuce leaves with rubber chicken. You spend the day eyeing up work’s vending machine but you stay firm and stick with your salad.

Day three – this is hard!
Weather is miserable. You cycled in but now you are sitting in wet clothes at your desk. You open your bag only to find the butternut squash soup you slaved over making last night as spilt all over your gym clothes. Amy from accounts comes by your office, they just found a box of chocolates unopened from Christmas. She’s just going to leave it on your desk so the office can share. With your wet clothes and ruined lunch, by 11am you’ve amassed a sizable about of sweet wrappers beside you. Ugh! You’ve fallen off the bandwagon. Ugh, once again you’ve failed. Why did you think this time would be any different?

Failure is not the opposite of success. It is part of success. Make sure you plan and try your best

Day 3 is often the hardest day when you start a new habit. Initial enthusiasm has waned but it’s too early to be motivated by results. Day 3 is often the day that most people call it quits on a new habit or lifestyle change.

Yesterday your challenge was to make a plan. Did you stick to it? Maybe you went completely off plan. That’s okay. Before you go to bed tonight, write out a new plan for tomorrow. Even if today was a complete disaster, don’t stress out over it or give up. Instead just look forward to tomorrow only. Why did today not go to plan? What happened that shook your resolve. Can you do something about this issue? Break down everything that didn’t right today and put the solutions into tomorrow’s plan.

Tomorrow is the only thing between you and your goal. Try and get tomorrow on track and you’re a step closer to your goal.

If you missed yesterday’s challenge, be sure to click here!

5 ways to stay in control of your cravings over Christmas!

Stay in control of cravings with these tips

Stay in control of cravings with these tips

It is so easy to mindlessly overeat during the holidays,especially at Christmas. Almost every event you go to centres around food. And generally most houses have far more sweet, rich indulgent foods that can easily cause a trigger and lead you to binge. Here are 5 steps you can take to ensure a healthier and happier Christmas!

1) Recreate old Christmas recipes – Just because a lot of the foods you associate with Christmas are calorie laden, doesn’t mean you have to forever say goodbye to them. Spruce the recipes up with a few healthy tweaks. If you love mince pies – but hate all the added calories of butter pastry, why don’t you stew some apples and mix the mince pie filling through the apples. That way you still get the taste of Christmas but without all that fat!

2) Enjoy just a taste – For a lot of people – Christmas is a time to booze! But instead of pouring yourself a large glass of Baileys, why don’t you just add a dash the next time you are making yourself a coffee. That way you get to enjoy the taste of Baileys (who doesn’t love a Baileys Irish coffee?), and still get into your Christmas day outfit without sucking in your stomach! (Just be warned, don’t get too indulgent with the booze if you plan on driving!!

3) Don’t put food out in bowls – After the Christmas tree is up and the house is looking festive, it’s easy to want to finish off the look of the house and have bowls of sweets and other goodies throughout. Or at parties to fill family size bowls with crisps and nuts. Don’t do this! You will just end up mindlessly eating throughout the holidays and shocked when you can’t get back into your work uniform in January!

4) Make time for workouts – If any of your family is into fitness why don’t you ask them to come workout with you. Even if you are not at the same fitness level, you can just be doing your own workouts there together. It’s much easier to workout when you have an accountability buddy. Or if none of your family want to join in your workouts – why don’t you take a time out from all the commotion and go for a walk or jog yourself. Anytime you think a family argument is about to start, throw on those running shoes and get out of there. No one wants to spend Christmas listening to people feuding!

5) Have your breakfast! – It’s so tempting to skip breakfast over Christmas. You wake up late, and decide you will wait til lunch to eat a proper meal. But there are sweets and nibbles all around the house and you quickly scoff a few handfuls of each while you wait for lunch. Now your blood sugar is all over the place and you’ll spend the rest of the day fighting sugar cravings. Avoid all this by having a healthy breakfast. This Christmas resolve to eat a healthy breakfast every morning. Even if you overindulge in the rest of your meals, at least you are still sticking to a healthy habit that will continue to benefit you into January!