Day 43 – #50DaysMotivation



Today I want you to declutter the space around you. You may not realise it but clutter is distracting. If you are working at a desk and it is full of stuff, both important and meaningless, this will cause your brain angst. It will be much harder to focus, as your brain will become distracted by the items around you.

The same goes for if you workout at home. If your home gym is cluttered with items everywhere you will be less inclined to workout. Why? Because your mind will tell you it’s far too much of a hassle to clear everything up before you start to workout.

What consumes your mind, controls it

There is a fantastic book called ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever‘ by Marie Kondo. It gives you countless strategies to organise your daily life and how to organise the items that surround you in your home and work.

Even if that all sounds too much, I want you to spend 5 minutes deleting and sorting old emails. If you took 5 minutes everyday for a couple of weeks you could finally achieve ‘Inbox Zero‘. Which would help you keep in control of your work schedule every day.

If your mind is surrounded by clutter – it will eventually become cluttered and it will be next to impossible to focus on your goal.

Day 15 – #50DaysMotivation



I have a lot of weight to lose. A lot! Sometimes just thinking about the full extent of the task ahead of me can overwhelm me. It can be so easy to lose patience, to just want to be at my dream health scenario right now, than a couple of years down the line.

But I have to have patience. Willing myself to weight loss isn’t going to work. Instead I have to show up everyday and do something to help towards my goal. And for me that’s what patience is. Doing something every day, even when you don’t see immediate results. Patience is not giving up when you have a bad day, week or month- instead riding out the tough times, knowing the work you do will eventually pay off.

There have been many ups and downs, twists and turns in my own weightloss story. But now I realise I need patience, proper step by step patience-to reach my goal.

Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you're waiting.

Today’s challenge is to examine your own relationship with patience. Are you always looking for the quick fix? If someone said to you, you were guaranteed to lose all the weight you needed over the course of 2 years and never regain it again. Or you would lose it all in a month but there would be a 90% chance you would regain it all? Which would you choose?

We often make this choice when we sign up for lose 10lbs in 10 days type programs. We lose weight in a drastic way and then can’t incorporate this diet into a long term way of living and we regain the weight we lost.

So embrace patience and the small steps that will take you to your goal.

Day 6 – #50DaysMotivation



Anytime you make a commitment to change your life, while it is exciting for you – it can make the people around you feel uneasy. Suddenly what was the norm for them, may change. And things you used to do together, you are no longer interested in. This may make the people around you feel threatened. Feel like the don’t know you as well.

Sometimes the people around you won't understand your journey. They don't need to, it's not for them

But sometimes you have to make this journey on your own as you reach your goal. That doesn’t mean that you stop talking to them or anything as drastic as that. But it means having a serious conversation with them and telling them exactly how you feel. Why reaching this goal is important to you. Why it will make you a happier person to accomplish something you set out to achieve. Give them all the reasons why this goal is what you are focused on right now in your life. They might understand and support you fully. Or they might feel alienated that you are doing something new in your life without them. However they feel, it’s their baggage. You are only strong enough to cope with your own. If they cannot support you, don’t let them stop you from reaching your goal.

Today’s challenge is to sit down with someone important in your life and tell them about your goal. See how they react and afterwards write down in a journal entry how this conversation went. It may be important to look back on this conversation in the future to see clues about how this person is going to support you in your quest for goal.

Exercise Affirmations – Mindset Monday


Get your mindset in the right place so this becomes easy!

For many of us – struggling to get to the gym or even just go for a walk is one of the major obstacles we need to overcome. Even though we know we benefit from consistent exercise it can be difficult to get yourself off the couch and into your exercise gear. It’s so easy just to ‘watch one more episode on Netflix’, or to just ‘quickly check your Facebook’ rather than get your blood pumping and doing some exercise.

Like so many things – it all comes down to mindset. And how do we change our mindset? By changing our beliefs. And that come be helped with affirmations. There is a great app called ‘ThinkUp‘. This app allows you to record your own affirmations and play them on a loop. Perfect to listen to when drifting off to sleep – letting your subconscious pick up on these messages and change your attitude to exercising. Here are a few of my favourite affirmations.

  • Every day in every way I am becoming fitter and healthier.
  • I love the way I feel when I take good care of myself.
  • I am making positive changes in my life.
  • I awake each morning feeling healthy and full of energy.
  • I breathe deeply, exercise regularly and feed only good nutritious food to my body.
  • I always stick to my exercise plan.
  • I am always motivated to exercise.
  • I exercise everyday and I love it.
  • I am totally focused on getting myself into shape.
  • I am becoming more and more motivated to exercise.
  • I love exercising.
  • I am changing into someone who is always motivated to exercise.
  • All my excess fat is melting away from my body.
  • Exercising is one of my favourite stress relievers.
  • Everyday my body becomes stronger and leaner.
  • I never miss a workout.

Do you have any affirmations to add to the list. Please comment below and add to the list.

Get paid to workout! Pact App

Get paid to workout!

Get paid for living healthy!

This is an amazing app and I cannot sing it’s praises enough! I am literally getting paid to do something that I am already doing. Easiest money ever!

So what is the Pact app?
Pact basically uses money as a motivator to get you to go to the gym, track your food or eat your veggies! Each week you’re rewarded for all the healthy things you do by the members that didn’t.

How it works?
Each week you make a pact. You can either commit to going to the gym, eating your veggies or tracking your food. Or if you really want to push yourself you can commit to all of these pacts! You decide how much money you are willing to pay if you don’t follow through with these commitments. If you don’t follow through with your pact – you lose the money you committed to paying if you failed. If you do successful meet your pact – you get money.

All my monies!!

All my monies!!

Now you don’t get a whole lot – on average between 10 and 20 cent for each successfully carried out Pact. But this money soon starts to add up! You are going to be doing these healthy things anyway so you might as well get some money for it! At the moment I currently have 293 activities logged and have earned $36.41. For literally just taking photos of stuff I’m already doing and logging in workouts. It’s really easy money!

Logging your Pacts

Logging your Pacts

Now I know I only logged 5 veggies but I swear I ate more. Most of the time though I forget to take a pic so I’ve purposely left my pact for veggies on the low side! But some people log 35 veggie pics a week so earn a lot more than me!

If you want to know more check out

Tips for going from workout to work!

After a workout - you need to look your best for work!

After a workout – you need to look your best for work!

Experts say that people who workout first thing in the morning are more likely to commit and rarely skip they gym, and there is also evidence that early morning workouts are more effective.

However for most of us that means getting our workout in before heading to work. Walking into work as a sweaty mess is not really an option so here are a few tips on how to look your best!

1.) We all know that look – the red faced, sweaty-betty look. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you leave time to cool-down. The best way to do this is to take time to sit and chill, even just 5 minutes would suffice. You could sit while taking your protein shake or post-workout snack, instead of trying to chug it while walking to work. If you apply cold water to your wrists, behind your knees or inside your elbows these are your pulse points and will help to cool your body!

2.) Ideally you want to have a shower after you workout, but sometimes you just don’t have the time. Here are a few tips to help you look more presentable.
– Dry shampoo is your friend! – Give your hair a lift but combing it through.
– Babywipes! – Okay so not as effective as a full shower but it will definitely freshen you up.
– Have a clean towel – This will help absorb the sweat straight after a tough workout and help dry your hair.
– Hair ties and headbands – if you have long hair , a sleek pulled back ponytail will be the best look for after the gym. For shorter hair, a headband will help keep your hair in place after you’ve styled it in the gym.

3.) Smell great! Whatever about how you look when you get back from the gym, you definitely don’t want to be known as the ‘smelly one’ in the office! Make sure you use a good antiperspirant, many of the strong ones instruct that you apply it the night before.
After the gym, a spray on moisturiser can help both moisturise your skin and smell great.
Palmers do a fantastic spray on lotion, that smells of coconuts! Palmer’s moisturiser!
Another great feature of this product is that it dries in super fast, so a must when trying to get to work on time!

4.) Make up – It can be difficult to carry out your full beauty routine after the gym. The best thing you can do is concentrate on the essentials. Concealer, foundation, mascara, lips – by doing those four areas you’ll look like you’ve spent lots of time on your makeup, when really you got it done in a flash!

Benefits of HIIT Workouts


DumbellsSo what is HIIT training? Well in my opinion it is the best way to get a great workout and burn lots of fat and calories. It also means spending less time in the gym! I mean, what isn’t there to love about it??

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It basically means that you alternate between short periods of super intense exercise and rest. What I love about HIIT is that you can transform almost any type of exercise into a HIIT workout. Some of the HIIT workouts you find online can be pretty complicated but it doesn’t need to be. My favourite HIIT workout is to go 1 minute easy on the elliptical and then 30 seconds flat out! I do this for 25 minutes, with a 2 minute warm up and 3 minute cool down included. It’s a great workout that leaves me feeling exhausted but happy!

So what are the benefits of working out like this?

1.) Well it burns more calories than traditional workouts!
Because your body uses so much oxygen during HIIT it creates an oxygen shortage, causing your body to ask for more oxygen during recovery. Don’t worry – this isn’t a bad thing!! This effect is known as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) and is the reason why intense exercise will help burn more fat and calories than regular aerobic and steady-state workouts.

2.) It’s a time saver exercise!
If you are short on time. then HIIT is the best possible solution. Some HIIT training sessions can be as short as 4 MINUTES!! Do you really not have 4 minutes to spare in your day?

3.) You don’t need the gym – or any equipment for that matter!
A really effective HIIT workout can be had from just using your own body weight. That means you can do the workout wherever you are at any time!

4.) You’re burning fat long after the HIIT workout is done!
The EPOC effect from the workout gives your metabolism a boost for up to 48 hours. This means that you are burning fat for hours afterwards. So go relax in the Jacuzzi in the gym after the workout. You’re still in fat burning mode!

5.)Maintains your muscle!
People trying to lose weight know that muscle loss can occur, while we really want to lose fat! HIIT workouts have been proven to maintain your muscle and instead tap into you fat stores for energy! Leaving you look more lean and toned when you get to your goal weight!