Day 46 – #50DaysMotivation



Do you allocate enough time for tasks? Or do you say something will take an hour to complete when you will actually have it done in 5 minutes? Today we are going to look into time management.

If you tend to waste your time because of mismanagement of your day you need to start keeping a diary or using an app that will help you know what you need to be doing all day and where your time is being wasted. If you are a creative person, this might sound like hell. But even if you just do this for a week so you can identify where time mismanagement is occurring, it will help you complete tasks that you have either been putting off or unable to find the fit in.

Lost time is never found again

Lost time is the biggest creativity killer because you will never be able to complete your work if you can’t find the time.

An app like the Pomodoro app will help you assign a certain amount of time to tasks and help guide your time to get things done. Or even just a reminder app will help you remember tasks you need to do through out the day. I like an app called Things which is basically a smart to do list. You move things into sections called Today, Next and Someday. What I like about this is that you can label tasks with things such as ‘high energy’ or ‘low energy’, so no matter how you are feeling you can find things to do. I’d highly recommend trying it out and seeing can you cut down on your lost time.