Day 45 – #50DaysMotivation



A jug fills drop by drop resonates with me on two levels.

On one level it reminds me that I have to have perseverance in my goals. My dreams and goals will only come true if I work on them each and every day.

The second level is that it reminds me that in order for me to get to my goal I have to focus on one thing every day that will help me reach my goal. If I write down every morning what is the one thing I want to achieve, I can get that one thing done.

A jug fills drop by drop

So today I want you to write down the most important thing you can complete for your goal today and see it through. When you go to bed tonight you will have a serious sense of achievement and you can do it all again tomorrow.

A book I would highly recommend on the topic of focus is ‘One Thing‘ by Gary Keller. It really showcases the power of knuckling down and concentrating on one habit that will help your personal or work goals.