Day 40 – #50DaysMotivation



When we feel stressed or sad it can be so easy to slip into a funk. When things get hard or we feel fatigued, it can be so difficult to motivate ourselves for our goal.

I feel glorious

Today I want you to look into the mirror and reaffirm that you feel glorious. It might seem silly and you might truly feel like the exact opposite but you need to feed your mind with the thoughts that you feel great in order to change it.

Maybe you had a tough day at work and the last thing you want to do is tell yourself that you feel glorious. But if you sit there and wallow, guess what you’re not going to work on your goal. Instead you’ll be at a pity party for one. And no good ideas ever originated from there.

So throughout the day remind yourself that you are glorious because- you truly are!

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