Day 39 – #50DaysMotivation



For a lot of people the reason they don’t succeed in their goals is because they don’t think they are worthy of success.

Take for example people who want to lose weight. Losing weight could be consuming their minds every day and they may really want to succeed but the little voice in their head doesn’t think they are worth it. It says: “But you always fail”, “who are you kidding do you really think you’ll find someone to love you when you’re less fat?”, “They are always going to give the job to the younger, fitter person so why bother trying?”

So though they desperately want to lose weight, their mental chatter is reaffirming that they are not worthy of amazing things.

I am worthy of wonderful things

Only when you open yourself up to the idea that you are worthy of great things and great things will happen. If you have a deep belief that your life will always be mediocre – then guess what? It will be!

So today, reaffirm to yourself that you are worthy of wonderful things.